About us

Established in 1983, we pride ourselves on being a company our customers can rely on.

A Brief History

Universal Meat Company is located on the outskirts of Portadown in Co Armagh, Northern Ireland. We were formed in 1983 by husband and wife team, David and Elaine Simpson, and their close friend Osmond Gurgan.

We started out deboning pigs heads to recover meat for the food manufacturing industry and progressed to carrying out contract boning of beef for local red meat processors. In 2004 we identified an opportunity to move away from the manufacturing and processing of primal cuts of meat to concentrate on the Foodservice market.

Universal Meat Company prides itself on being a foodservice company its customers can rely on. Our team are armed with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in all aspects of sourcing, storing and distributing meat to foodservice companies, meat wholesalers and retailers. The team has grown over the years from 3 to approximately 35 members of staff. Osmond and Elaine now head up the day to day operations and UMC currently service over 600 customers in the UK, Ireland and further afield.

Meet our team

Our Customers

Our customers include meat wholesalers and retailers such as Pallas Foods, Musgrave Group, Lynas Foodservice and the Henderson Group to name a few.

Although we are based in Northern Ireland, UK, we consider ourselves to be a global company that services local needs. We provide our customers with the unique level of service that their business and customers require, regardless of their location.

We review our worldwide supply chain regularly, operate out of EC approved premises and are BRC Accredited. The British Retail Consortium is the UK’s leading trade association for retailing and widely accepted as a global quality standard. Compliance testing happens regularly and is rigorous to ensure that accredited companies such as ourselves continue to maintain the standards necessary to retain the certification.

Our Operations

We have expanded our operations over the years, with a purpose built office to house our managerial and administration staff, large on-site freezing and chilling facilities and a fleet of distribution vehicles.

Solar panel technology on our premises produces a large proportion of our electricity requirements and we also have a standby generator therefore our facilities are always running, regardless of any power outages locally.