Poultry Products

UMC supply fresh, frozen and cooked poultry products to wholesale and retail customers in the UK, Ireland and Europe including chicken, turkey and duck.


Poultry products are the second most commonly consumed meat group worldwide, with chicken being the most commonly consumed type of poultry. Our range of chicken products is one of our largest meat ranges due to its popularity in the UK, Ireland, Europe and in the rest of the world.


Turkey is a popular poultry product all year round, but is consumed in greater amounts at Christmas in the UK, Ireland and many other parts of the world and at Thanksgiving in Canada and America. Turkey also proves to be popular with individuals who adopt a healthy diet and exercise regime as it contains more protein per gram than many other meats including pork, chicken and beef, and less calories.


Duck also proves to be popular around the world, particularly in Chinese cuisine. Cuts of duck come primarily from the legs and breast of the bird. The meat from ducks tends to be darker than the meat from chickens or turkeys, and the legs of the duck are somewhat fattier than the duck breast meat.

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